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I don’t always understand:

Did you ever feel like you were being held back in one or more areas of your life but couldn’t exactly pinpoint how or why?
Everyone has behavior patterns that dictate how they react to life, whether it’s in love, your job, stress, celebration, or you name it.

It started when I was young:

Ingeniously, as a child, in every situation you encountered, you figured out ways of coping with a lack of power which usually worked to cope in your environment and these behavior patterns served you very well. As we become adults and gain power, the patterns typically no longer work well, and in fact, might be causing major problems for you and holding you back without you even realizing it.
This is what Kathleen and Don Thoren help people discover — those patterns are hard-wired! The Thoren’s experiential learning process helps you get un-hard wired!!!

While appreciating my past, I can change my future:

Your investigation will reveal fresh ideas for your own growth and skill building that will bring lasting results, more success, satisfaction and joy to your life.
An individualized plan is created during an amazing 3-day seminar. The attendees discover the five major patterns that are causing the most problems, figure out how they got installed, recognize and appreciate those patterns for their service (because as children they did help us!) and then develop new patterns to replace the old ones. No guilt and no shame. Just a healthy, happier life!


  • One having to be perfect as a child was afraid to delegate to others but the adult saw the need and developed the skill.
  • One who desperately needed to be accepted as a child would withdraw when feeling unappreciated.  After 2 divorces this adult learned to engage vs. withdraw.
  • One large child got what he wanted with size and power but as an adult was sabotaged by others. Interpersonal failure was replaced by self-confidence to negotiate.
  • One who was taught to be compliant and stuff their needs, discovered the price they paid for this behavior as an adult.  Fear to speak up was replaced by developing the willingness and skill to express themselves.
  • One’s failure to feel value, kept picking losers to date and marry.  Realizing as an adult their true value, found love, and a true partner for life.

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​​​​Group seminars are limited to 12 participants to provide personalized focus and a high quality of care for you in this insightful learning experience.

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Don Thoren

From cattle ranch Wyoming boy to Corporate Executive, communication seminar leader and then named a Legend of the Speaking Profession. Loves people and stimulating conversation.

Kathleen Thoren

From Calif beach girl to serving in Third World Countries, a Masters Degree in counseling and traveling and singing internationally with Indy Car Racing. Loves laughter and creative expression.